Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh yeah....

Birthday weekend.....

Banana Cake (100% edible, not including foil, except i almost ate the foil) by Kara:

Then some other things happened, it was fun.

Saturday I did about 8 hours of yard work and my yard looks great, but I have so much more I want to do. At night, we went to the 5th Quarter to watch the Blackhawks. We (kara, bo, dane, and gosse) were having a great time drinking and laughing. My parents were there so I got up to talk to my mom. A lady walked by, pointed at me and said "........husband..... kick....ass" hmm..... I didn't think anything of it and went back to my seat. I tell Kara what I think I thought I heard and she looks over at the lady, who by then had gone back to her seat (which is the first time i noticed she was sitting there). The lady flipped Kara off..... I don't remember chronologically when this all happened, but at one point I was talking to my dad and everyone said she was screaming "FAGGOT!" at me.... Also, her and Kara crossed paths by the bathroom and she pointed in Kara's face and called her a fucking bitch. Then my dad went and asked her what her problem was; she said we were staring at her(!?!?!??!). I continued to not give a fuck, but every once in a while I'd overhear her saying something about us, but I didn't care. Oh yeah, at one point my mom said she would kick her ass :) . Also, HAWKS WON! I wish they had taken one on the road, but they looked good and I still think they're gonna take the series. 
Sunday I went to Mr. Weatherspork's church. He did a performance with a youth group that he was in charge of. It was cool. Their choir was sick. There was a backing band and everything. You couldn't not get into it. 
This week has been work and hockey, playing and watching. I just found out when I was leaving today that I have a deadline at around noon tomorrow, so I have to wake up at 5:30. Nice.

For those of you that don't read pitchfork....

Yes, that is actually Billy Corgan....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dead Dear

I had a dream last night that I thought there were aliens coming to take over the planet. I was really mad at myself for dreaming about it in the dream because I don't like nightmares... Then I was in this crazy old hotel or something with some people from high school that I haven't seen in 5 years and all of a sudden the building starts shaking. We look outside and there are literally hundreds of thousands of deer running across this open field surrounded by forest. They moved in huge waves cuz there was so many of them. It looked like the battle scenes in LOTR except they were moving at an incredible speed and their movement was all jumpy like a glitch in a video game. Then every once in a while there would be a puff of smoke in the masses of deer. Then the puffs of smoke became more and more regular. Eventually I realized that the deer were disappearing into a cloud of smoke. Then I was on the ground by the deer and they were disappearing right in front of my eyes, and the puffs of smoke kept getting closer and closer untill one disappeared RIGHT in front of me and I woke up...
I also remember walking across a barren wasteland with a big group of people and we came upon a really curvy canal and decided to go swimming and there was a green film on the water that gave us all rashes. I'll write about my weekend later. I just had to get that down.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

weak end

So I took that test on friday... I needed a 170 to pass and I got a 169. :) I was REALLY happy about that. After the test I couldn't work anymore but I had a hockey game at 6:30 up in Highland Park. so it was OK. After the game I went to the Wavves concert which was a really fun drunk time hangin with the bros. Mong gave me a ride back to my grandparents after we got a Maxwell St. Polish (WIN). Then I had another game at 9am. I was a little drunk still and could barely skate, but we won. I then slept all day before our game at night. Then after the game we went to this bar/restaurant in Glenview with 130 beers on tap, impressive. Sunday, was the championship game for the tournament and we won. One of the guys on our team laid on the ice for the team photo, then everyone else skated away and he puked on the ice. He said he ate pizza and it was red, so I believe him. That night, Schmitt came over and we watched Ironman. It was cute. The movie was good. I slept like a baby Sunday night and kinda barely remember being at work Monday thankfully, then at night Kara and I went to coopers hawk and ate dinner. They had cranberry wine, which sometimes is out of stock, and i love it. Tuesday has been boring as fuck. I made 15 sets of full size drawings (24"X36") right before lunch, then after lunch my boss said they only needed to be 11"X17". I felt like an idiot, but he didn't really tell me. I'm still at work and its late and I took a break to write a boring blahg post.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Everyone at the grocery store was a fucking asshole today. From the guy in the lexus who beeped at me when i walked in front of his parking spot that he was approaching at mach speed to the lady at the checkout line who gave me a whole extra bag of 'tude that I didn't ask for when my cart was in the way of where she needed to pay. 
I didn't get much studying done today for the LEED exam. I fear that I might not pass the fucking thing because I just can't do the fucking studying thing any more. 
I guess I can talk about Friday, which was dirty' birthday party night celebration but I really don't remember too much other than the soy vodka called "3 am" with caffeine and guaranananana and taurineyweiney or whatever the fuck. It just tasted so good. I also remember dancing so hard I could barely breathe and then trying to fall asleep on kara's lap in the cab before she boxed my ear for being an idiot.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Katyyyyyyy Perry!" would totally psyche me out in baseketball

Katy Perry loves bananas and she made a cast moulding of her boobs and sold them on ebay. Basically, how awesome is that? I'm apparently really cut off from pop culture cuz it seems like everyone knows this chick except me. 
Also today, we got on the topic of looking up lion king porn... Word to the wise... DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH "LION KING PORN" YOU WILL NOT LIKE WHAT YOU SEE. But seriously.... google image search "lion king porn". Fucking funny ass shit...
Today at lunch and all week I've been playing guitar in the basement. It's very good stress management for me and makes my day a lot less shitty. Every day I've been practicing pinch harmonics (really hard), and trying to sound like neil young on "like a hurricane" and "hey hey my my" and "cinnamon girl" and the like (even harder). Today I hooked up my guitar through my octave pedal, a fuzz pedal and an analog delay through my bass stack... I think this will be my new hobby. 
Also, along the lines of music, Nik and I have this amazing idea called bootgaze. I don't want to disclose much more as it is top secret, actually, it will never sound like it does in my head, but if it does (or sounds a million times better) it could lead to bill cosby billions... or just a few garage band recordings for smiling purposes.


Monday, March 2, 2009